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Quick Icons: The Icon Creation App with Embedded Compression!

Create unique and professional icons with just a few clicks using Quick Icons. Simply drag an image into the app window, select a name for your new icons, and choose where you want to save them. The app takes care of the rest, with no minimum or maximum resolution requirements for the images you use.

Embedded Compression

Save space on your hard drive and reduce the size of your app installation by using Quick Icons’ embedded compression feature. With the capability to save up to 60% of storage space, while only slightly reducing image quality, there’s no need for extra tools to compress your icons.

Creative Overlays

Add visual effects and finishing touches to your icons with Quick Icons’ creative overlays.

Icons for App and Web Creation

Whether you need icons for mobile and desktop, classic favicons, touch icons for all mobile platforms, or favicons in PNG format, Quick Icons has you covered.

Want More?

Get even more out of Quick Icons with the full version, which creates icons, start images, and XCode assets for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and macOS.

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